Logging On - Members only!

Our website has an account for all current members. Many pages on our are visible to visitors, but by logging on you can enter the ‘private’ area, and view details of and contact other members, using the four-digit ID for your account and the password sent to your email address as registered with us. The password you receive is computer-generated and if you wish to change it to one you can remember more easily, The PROFILE UPDATE button on the sidebar will take you to a menu where the first option is ‘Change My Password’.

If you forget your password, go to the PASSWORD RESET Page - you will need to know your 4-digit ID and your email address in the system - if it's not the one you want you can change it once logged on. Follow this through and a new password will be sent to you by email and you can change it to something more memorable via Profile Update. If you can’t remember your four-digit ID, text Mary on 07966 216891 (not forgetting to say who you are).

When you’ve successfully logged on (and changed your password if you wish), why not browse the site to get a sense of what you can do — may be check that your contact details (in Profile Update) have been entered up correctly; or check your listings in the Offers/Wants directory - you can add some text giving more detail; you can also view other members’ details (in List of Members); pay another member (via Transactions). So why not get started and LOG ON!! You know it makes sense. For more detailed guidance go to MANAGING MY ACCOUNT.